The TP-Link AC1350 router is designed to fully meet the need of a home and small offices networks. The powerful antennas of this TP-link router ensure continuous Wi-Fi signals to all the devices and provide widespread coverage throughout your home. The built-in Ethernet ports of your router supply high-speed connection to all of your wired devices.

For TP-Link AC1350 router setup issues, we will provide you with some TP-Link AC1350 router troubleshooting tips in this blog.

Here are some of the common issues related to TP-Link AC1350 router and ways to troubleshoot them.

1.Why is my TP-Link router AC1350 is flashing ‘Orange light’ and how it can be fixed?

The orange LED on the TP-Link router 1350 indicates that your internet port connects and the wifi service is not available. Here are some causes for this Orange Light:

  • Faulty firmware
  • Hardware issue
  • Software bug
  • Loose connection between two devices. Sometimes, this issue might be caused by a loose connection. A simple plug out and plug in can fix this issue.

2. TP-Link AC1350 no internet access wifi

If you are facing, ‘no internet access wifi’ issue on your TP-Link router, follow these troubleshooting tips

  • Try rebooting your TP-Link AC1350 device and start it fresh.
  • Check if your firmware is updated or not. Access the router’s management page if firmware in not updated. Search for the “firmware update” option and follow the instructions to update your firmware.

To know more details, you can call us and get in touch with our support team via their toll-free number or through our live chat window option.

3. What are the login credentials for TP-link AC1350 router setup?

If you are not able to access the setup page of your TP-link router, make sure you are using the correct login credentials.

4. What to do if I cannot log into the router’s web management page?

Try these methods for TP-link AC1350 login:

  • Make sure that your TP-Link router is connected to the computer correctly.
  • You need to make sure that the IP address of your PC is configured as ‘obtain DNS server address automatically’ and ‘obtain an IP address automatically.’
  • Next, enter the IP address of your router in the address bar of the web browser.
  • Check your computer’s settings: Go to Start button, press Control panel. Click “Network and internet”. Select ‘View network status.’ Click on the ‘Internet options’ on the bottom left . Select ‘never dial a connection’ option. Click on the ‘LAN settings’ and deselect the three options, press ‘OK’
  • Use your PC to open a web browser and try to login again.
  • If nothing works, reset the TP-Link router.

5. How can I update the firmware of my TP-link AC1350 router?

To update the firmware of your TP-link router, follow these steps:

  • Go to for TP-Link login and use the username and password.
  • Go to ‘Advanced’ option and select “System tools”. Click on the Firmware upgrade to check if the new firmware version for your router is available or not, if it is available, click ‘Upgrade.’

6. How can I reset my TP-Link router?

You can reset your TP-Link AC1350 router with the help of these below-given two methods:

  • WPS method: Make sure that your device is power On. Press the “reset” button. Wait for a few seconds and check the status of LED. After a few seconds you have to release the button. Now, wait for the router to reboot to its factory default settings.
  • Web based management utility:

You can reset your TP-link router using the web based management utility. Log in to your router using the default web address. Go to “System tools”. On factory default page, click on the ‘Reboot’ button and wait for the TP-link router to reboot to its default factory settings.


These were some of the tips you can use if you face any such issue with TP-link AC1350 login or setup process. We have a team of router experts who can provide you with the best TP-link AC1350 router troubleshooting tips. You can contact our experts via toll-free number which is accessible 24/7. Live chat with us through live chat window if you face other TP-Link router issues .


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